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How To Replace A Transmission Dipstick Tube

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If someone has tried making the tube more narrow.

How to replace a transmission dipstick tube. Push it in until it is seated, and the dipstick tube bolt will go back in. Removing a stuck oil dipstick is a process that will either take an eternity and a lot of patience or it can be quick and easy, depending on your car type, the design of the dipstick, and how it is attached to the dipstick handle as well as the positioning of the dipstick tube on the engine. I snapped off my automatic transmission's dipstick tube when reinstalling the engine and transmission into the car.

Take out the dipstick and then unbolt the tube. This is normal for most vehicles. I promise you that the next transmission i have to replace or any other person i hear of needing a transmission i will be heavily.

You’ll probably need a funnel, too. Once all of the old dipstick tube has been removed, install the new one, replace the bolt/nut securing the bracket, and tighten in place. Occasionally these tubes crack, develop rust or wear or break and need to be replaced.

Probably a 10 minute job. My 2002 duramax has a broken transmission tube i need to replace. It is found near the engine block in a tube called the dipstick tube.

#5 · jul 11, 2011. Plenty of room underneath to feed from the bottom. This will free the dipstick tube from the oil pan.

Clean around the trans tube hole in the transmission. Yes, it does have a bracket on the oil dipstick tube but, if you remove the bracket, it will pull out. Had the frame on a jack stand for extra beer gut clearance.

Tighten the bolt with a 15mm socket. Replace the oring and put a bit of grease on it and install back in place. Feed the replacement tube in from the bottom.

Unfortunately, you have a closed system transmission, there is no dipstick or filler tube. This generally runs about $100.00 at the dealership. Position the dipstick tube coming down the bellhousing from the valve cover.

Before starting, make sure you have some extra transmission fluid or a clean container to reuse what you drain. I have a '10 gmc sierra. Jack the car up as high as is safe on that side and remove the dipstick assembly (a bolt is holding the tube to the bellhousing).

This is a repair that requires very little previous automotive. Jul 19, 2012 at 4:27 pm. Removing your stuck oil dipstick in its tube.

Place both hands on the dipstick tube and pull it up with a jerking motion; The dipstick tube should just pull out of the transmission. You may have to twist it hard a couple of times.

I have a 96 passport and to have fluid replaced in the transmission you need to take it to a garage that is equipped to fill closed transmissions. You may get some fluid running out of the hole, unless you have a drain plug in the pan. Get the end over the valve cover and then you just need a little elbow power to insert the tube into the top of the transmission.

Just don't cram that thing on the tube going to the trans pan, you don't want to mess that one up. Replacing it isn't too bad, and only requires a couple of bolts once you've raised the car and drained the transmission. Well, except for the fact that i stripped t

If it is worn, buy a new one and replace it, they usually go for an average of $2.50. Your dipstick is going to have some curves in it; Instructions for installing the transmission dipstick tube.

Press the trans insert of the milodon dipstick firmly down into the transmission tube hole. Its a special fluid and the fill tube is sealed (see pictures). Discussion starter · #1 · sep 23, 2013.

Discussion starter · #1 · sep 19, 2011. Place the bolt to the side, as you will probably want to reuse it later. A dipstick is an instrument made of metal that is used to measure the amount of fluid in your car.

Install the dipstick and that is it. Shortly afterwards i had issues but attibuted it to tires/alignment. The new tube should slip in fairly easy.

No leaks from there anymore i put a little sealer on it too. Even so it is a simple pressfit, it may still be pretty tight and may need some convincing to be removed. If you are installing your transmission that was purchased from monster transmission, our sales and support staff is here.

However, it shouldn’t be hard to remove the dipstick. To answer your first question:

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